Re-opening March 2018

Who can believe its nearly time to open again!!!  We are going into our 17th season and looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and many new faces.  The site opens on Sat.24th March and we still have availability for Easter if you fancy a wee weekend away!  3 nights only £395 or 4 nights […]

Winter 2017

The site is now closed until Sat.24th March 2018., so if you fancy and early holiday next year, give us a ring or check availability online.  There is normally still quite a bit of snow on the hills at that time of year, if skiing or snowboarding is your thing. Give us a ring on 01855 […]

Autumn is on its way!

Well with the children well and truly back at school, the summer is officially over! Although it wasn’t much of a summer weather wise, we had the odd nice sunny day but they were soon forgotten with the amount of rain we’ve had.  Although compared to some areas of the word we have been very […]

Longest Day

Doesn’t time fly!!!  The Longest Day of the year and half way through the year,  and now the nights are drawing in!!!  Well not quite yet.  We have had a busy year so far and hopefully a busy few months to come. The grass and flowers etc are growing quickly, its taking all our time […]

Winter Activities

Although the site has been closed for a couple of months we have been busy doing many jobs and maintenance on the site and accommodation.  The biggest job so far, has been putting a new bathroom in Tiranui Cottage.  It was well overdue, the aqua bathroom suite was definitely not “on trend” anymore!!!       […]

End of 2016 season!

Well its that time of year again when we close up for the winter, we saw our lasts guests away on Saturday (29th Oct) and we won’t be welcoming new ones until Sat.1st April 2017.  A long “closed” period for us this year, as we won’t be opening at Christmas & New Year or the […]

Summer 2016

With many of our guests heading back home this week (lots of kids going back to school), the summer season is nearly over.  What a very busy season it has been, the area has seen so many visitors, one of the busiest years for a while, we reckon!   The weather has been very mixed […]

Scottish Weather!

With Spring well and truly under way, its been lovely to greet guests from all over the world, who have remarked on the varied weather of Scotland!  Last week it was cold and wet and at the beginning of May we were driving through snow on Ranch Moor.  This week it is bright blue skies and 25 […]

Winter Storms

After the storms of last week we’ve had a lovely couple of days, these pictures were taken on Tues.9th February.  We had a little bit of a clean up after the storms, you can see in the bottom picture that our jetty has taken a bit of a battering!!  Obviously, normally pointing straight into the […]

Mild November

Who can believe its the 9th November already???  Another season over!  The site is closed until Sat.19th December 2015. November so far has been wet and now, the last couple of days windy, but still very mild at 12 degrees today.  Normally it is much colder by now, with a sprinkling of snow on the hill tops! […]