Red DeerOn and around the site, which is an old summer pasture on the Loch side, you will be living with many neighbours. They were here long before holiday accommodation was sensitively constructed on the site.

They range from flora and fauna of many kinds, orchids and grasses to fungi and litchen.

There are over 30 varieties of birds, with woodpeckers, and even sparrow hawks making Red Sqan appearance.  It is not uncommon to see an eagle flying high over the hills behind us, many garden birds feed on our nut feeders and nest in the boxes provided around the site.

Mammals as large as Red Deer to the small Pipistrelle Bat occupy the area and we have a Young Pinmartenresident family of Pine Martens who like to be fed anything sweet, bread and jam being a favourite!!

Many people don’t believe they will see a Pine Marten but we can almost guarantee you will, we have had families of Pine Martens living here for years and they regular venture onto the chalet balconies for food!

They are frequent visitors to the site and many of our guests have seen and fed them.  Lots of people are unsure what a Pine Marten is, It is a member of the weasel family and an adult Pine Marten is the size of a small domestic cat, they are mostly seen in the evening.

Red Squirrels also make a recurring appearance quite often stealing the bird nuts, no greys Otterhere yet!!!!

Otters are also a big attraction for the area, the best time to see them is early in the morning just as the sun comes up or as the the sun goes down in the evening.  There has also been regular sightings of Seals in Loch Leven also.

Reptiles such as common lizards, slow worms, frogs, newts keep home in the burns and warm wet grass around the edge of the site.

birds feedingWe are also graced with butterflies and bumble bees by day and moths by night.

You are never alone at Loch Leven Holidays!!!

A good site to find out about wildlife in the Lochaber area is www.welcometoscotland.com/regions/fort-william/article/wildlife-of-lochaber